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Lorain Co. Ironmen to Great Lakes League

Loraine County Ironmen

We have a league change for the Lorain County Ironmen, as the summer-collegiate team shifts from the Prospect League to the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League.

From the team’s Facebook page:

The Ironmen will also be making a move out of the Prospect League and into the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League. This is a move designed for geographical advantages, and ease of travel for the players. Fans will not see a drop in the quality of baseball. The Great Lakes League is a Major League Baseball sponsored summer collegiate wood bat league, which helps to draw top collegiate prospects. For example, current Cleveland Indian, Nick Swisher played in the Great Lakes League.

The Great Lakes League is located in Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. Ten of the twelve teams are located throughout Ohio.

There’s been no announcement yet from the league on the move, which brings down the number of Prospect League teams to 11 after the addition of the Kokomo Jackrabbits.

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