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Bombers improve on field, at gate; will they return to Battle Creek?

After three seasons, the Battle Creek Bombers hit their stride in 2009, improving at the gate and on the field. But will it all be enough for the team to return in 2010?

The Battle Creek Bombers (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) had the best season in the team's three-year existence, drawing 958 fans a game to C.O. Brown Stadium and narrowly missing the playoffs.

Still, the big question has to be whether the team will return for 2010. GM Rick Lindau says the team will be back, which is what you'd expect him to say right after the season ends.

But on an operational level the team poses a challenge for the rest of the Northwoods League. It's by far the most far-flung team in the league's footprint, posing financial and logistical challenges for visiting teams. That challenge would be mitigated if another Michigan team were added, but the Frontier League has done a pretty good job wrapping up any other good markets in the state. 

We claim no insider information on the future of the team. But if a new Waukesha ballpark does happen next season, some hard decisions will need to be made about the composition of the league.

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