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Romney carries the day in Bobblection 2012

Good news if you’re a Mitt Romney supporter: in a tally of bobblehead choices in 10 minor-league ballparks, Romney carried the day with six wins and won the total selections by 7.1 percentage points. The Goldklang Group produces the most extensive election bobblehead promotion in minor-league baseball, working with 10 teams over seven dates on Bobblection 2012. The promo […]

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Election yields bounty of candidate bobbleheads

If it’s an election year, you can bet on a raftload of bobbleheads from minor-league and summer-collegiate baseball teams to commemorate the occasion — and maybe grant a little guidance to voters. We’ve already seen at least two teams holding Obama vs. Romney bobblehead/wobblehead giveaways this season — the Madison Mallards (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) […]

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Ricketts family political activity threatens to scuttle Cubs reno plans

The political activities of Joe Ricketts, part of the Chicago Cubs ownership and father of Tom Ricketts, could, but probably won’t, kill city efforts to help the Cubs renovate Wrigley Field. Ricketts, who made billions after founding TD Ameritrade, has emerged as a major player in conservative politics, establishing a Super PAC seeking to limit […]

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