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Repairs on tap for JetBlue Park, Hammond Stadium

Hammond Stadium

JetBlue Park, spring home of the Boston Red Sox, and Hammond Stadium, spring home of the Minnesota Twins, will be repaired by construction manager Manhattan Construction after structural problems were identified.

The issues appeared in both facilities after new construction of JetBlue Park and renovations at Hammond Stadium, including “cracking concrete, deterioration of roof trusses, a skywalk that became hazardous, settling concrete, coating and cracking of an outfield seating area and corrosion of handrails,” according to the Fort Myers News-Press:

The county labeled the problems with the Jetblue skywalk “potentially catastrophic if not fatal” after structural problems were discovered shortly before the 2021 spring training season. 

Six miles away, Hammond Stadium at CenturyLink was found to have cracks in a boardwalk that circles the complex and problems with cracking in service tunnels at the park. Other potential issues are being inspected. 

Construction manager Manhattan Construction has agreed to supervise the job of making needed repairs and will pay the bill if the problem was caused by construction errors and will negotiate the bill with the county if it was attributable to design errors. 

We’re expecting similar developments with issues at other spring-training facilities in Florida.

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