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2022 High-A schedules released

MiLBWe have the release of 2022 High-A schedules in Minor League Baseball, featuring a 132-game season with postseason play and a break for All-Star Games.

The 132-game schedule calls for 66 home games, representing an addition of 12 games over the 120-game 2021 season. The season begins April 8 and ends Sept. 11, with the playoffs afterwards. Also on tap: a wider range of league opponents, versus the limited slate of opponents this season as part of baseball’s COVID strategies. The six-game series with Mondays off will continue, with the exceptions being July 4 (which falls on a Monday) and a July 18-21 All-Star break.

The schedule releases follow the announcement of 138-game schedules (including 69 home games) at Double-A, starting April 8 and ending Sept. 18. The Triple-A schedule launches on April 5, and teams can expect more travel and expanded destinations across a full 144-game slate.

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