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Available for preorder: The Football Thesaurus, 2e

It’s time for our annual August in August book promo! We kick off the month with a second-edition release of Jesse Goldberg Strassler’s The Football Thesaurus, just in time for the 2021 football season.

The book is scheduled for a Sept. 7 release, but you can preorder and receive a nice little spiff. With a new cover design featuring the seminal Monday Night Football announcers, The Football Thesaurus will be an attractive addition to your sports-book library. (And more affordable: we lowered the list price to $14.99!) We have a reward for those who buy in the presale period: we’ll ship your copy with a bookplate signed by author Jesse Goldberg-Strassler. No one illustrates the language of sports better than Jesse, and you’ll find The Football Thesaurus to be a great read, whether for you or the sports fan in your life.

Here’s a description of the book from the August Publications website:

Field generals throw back-shoulder passes to vertical threats, working off the bump and run. Penalties were originally signaled by horns, not flags. Tailbacks follow the big uglies to paydirt for a touchdown.

Football is a sport with its own lingo and jargon – a colorful patois that’s developed over the years and millions of games, college and pro, with today’s broadcasters developing their own descriptions of America’s Game. In The Football Thesaurus, a fascinating compendium of football terms, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler—broadcaster, storyteller, talker, voice—explains what football terms mean and how they came to be. Whether it’s a discussion of how Doug Plank was the inspiration for Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense or why legendary Chicago Bears owner/coach George Halas referred to a football as a cantaloupe, Goldberg-Strassler’s book succeeds both as a football reference and a history of the game.

The pre-sale autograph offer is good only for orders made through the August Publications website.

This is just the start of our August in August celebration. Keep watching this space for more announcements and giveaways. We’ll also be running some promos and giveaways solely through social media, so follow August Publications on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.