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Beer Cheese Poutine Wins Whitecaps’ Food of the Decade Vote

Beercheese Poutine

Beer Cheese Poutine will be back on the menu at Fifth Third Ballpark this season, as it has won the West Michigan Whitecaps (Low A; Midwest League) food of the decade fan vote.

The Whitecaps have made an annual tradition of conducting a fan food vote, with the winning item served on their ballpark’s menu during that season. In the 2017 iteration of the contest, the winner was the Beer Cheese Poutine–a dish featuring pulled pork, barbeque pork, beer cheese and green onions over waffle fries.

Ultimately, the item proved to be popular with fans during the 2017 season and receive plenty of acclaim, including our Best New Food Item award. Last month, the Whitecaps made Beer Cheese Poutine eligible for a return to Fifth Third Ballpark’s menu in 2020 when they launched their food of the decade vote, allowing fans to select one past winner from 2010-2019 to be served this season. The Beer Cheese Poutine resonated with fans when it was served in 2017, and the Whitecaps were not surprised that it garnered enough support to come back to the ballpark in 2020. More from

“We weren’t surprised by the poutine dish being the winner,” said Matt Timon, director of food and beverage for the Whitecaps. “It was a popular item then and will be in 2020. I believe it’s the waffle fries-base that fans find delightful.”

It topped a field that attracted more than 2,000 online votes. Finishing second was Rocky Balburrito with Declaration of Indigestion in third.

The Whitecaps will announce all of their new menu items later this month.

Beer Cheese Poutine beat out a field that included Rocky Balburrito (2019), Mt Wing Suvius (2018), Dutch Love (2016), Hot-To-Tot (2015), Augger Dogger (2014), Baco (2013), Westside Po’ Boy (2012), Chicks with Sticks (2011), and Declaration of Indigestion (2010). You can see descriptions for each item here.

Image courtesy West Michigan Whitecaps. 

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