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Fifth Third Field Adds New Video Displays

Fifth Third Field videoboard

The Toledo Mud Hens (Class AAA; International League) and Daktronics are installing new video displays at Fifth Third Field, highlighted by a 2,500-square-foot LED videoboard and two ribbon boards. A total of approximately 3,700 square feet of displays using more than 2.2 million LEDs will be installed early in 2019.

“The Mud Hens take pride in being one of the top Minor League ballparks in the country and we are excited to unveil this state-of-the-art video display to our fans,” said Erik Ibsen, executive vice president and general manager, Toledo Mud Hens. “Utilizing the same technology that is featured on video displays in Major League stadiums; it continues our effort to create memorable in-game experiences for our fans with sharper video, more graphics and overall by bringing the game closer to the fans. We look forward to debuting it on April 4, Opening Day.”

Coming to left field, the 2,500-square-foot main video display will measure approximately 37 feet high by 68.5 feet wide. It will feature a 15HD pixel layout for excellent image clarity and contrast with industry-leading environmental protection. Wide angle visibility ensures a great view from every seat in the stadium.

Keeping with the latest capabilities in LED video display technology, the main display is capable of variable content zoning allowing it to show one large image or multiple windows content. These windows can include live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

“Our team in the Great Lakes region are very proud and excited to be a part of such an impactful project,” said Ryan Stratton, Daktronics sales representative. “Our engineers have worked tirelessly to design a system for the Mud Hens that will rival any other large-scale LED display system in the league, both in size and in performance. The Mud Hens front office team has been kind enough to invite Daktronics to be a part of this design-build process to bring the Mud Hens vision to life. We are excited to see the energy this new system will bring to Fifth Third Field in the upcoming season.”

More than 1,100 square feet of ribbon displays will also be installed at Fifth Third Field. Two displays, each measuring roughly 3.5 feet high by 157 feet long will be mounted to the seating fascia along each baseline. Both ribbons will feature 15HD pixel layouts for the same impressive image quality as the main display.

These boards can be used to show supplemental information to the main display as well as offering the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events.

A custom Daktronics control solution is included to ensure the displays captivate and engage fans as well as providing a smooth production for game-day operations.

In addition to the equipment installation, the Mud Hens will also receive a content package to be produced and delivered by Daktronics Creative Services.

Rendering courtesy Daktronics. 

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