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Mikkeller Brewing NYC On Tap at Citi Field

Mikkeller Brewing NYC

A new frothy amenity is on tap at the New York Mets‘ Citi Field, as Mikkeller is set to open Mikkeller Brewing NYC at the ballpark this fall.

A Denmark-based gypsy brewery, Mikkeller has already established a U.S. location in San Diego. The new space at Citi Field will provide an east coast operation for the company, and offer more than just brewery. Within the space, there will be a restaurant as well as a bar that features 60 taps. The production area, meanwhile, will feature a 20-barrel brewhouse.

Under the plan, Mikkeller will lease space within Citi Field from the Mets, who are not investing in the project. The brewery does have a relationship with the team, as it has been brewing two ballpark beers–Henry Hops and Say Hey Sally–for Citi Field at its San Diego location. In planning for the new Citi Field location, Mikkeller is hoping to create a unique experience. More from

Speaking with GBH, Jim Raras Jr., executive vice president of Mikkeller NYC, says the location inside a major league baseball stadium will enable the company to not only establish a beachhead on the east coast, but also grant it a gateway to meet a new type of customer in a more unique setting.

“We look at this as an awesome opportunity to showcase what Mikkeller does well, which is to make things more accessible, appeal to the consumer perhaps in a more whimsical and less serious way, but still with an extremely high quality product,” he says. “We view that as a really profound part of this project.”

Plans currently call for a 10,000-square-foot brewery and restaurant to be built out in a non-ticketed area of the stadium, meaning visitors don’t need to attend the game for a brewery outing. Furthermore, the space will be open year-round, not just during baseball season.

“That’s certainly a big piece of what we’re trying to do—enhance the experience for Mets fans,” Raras adds. “But likewise, we have this other really cool opportunity in the 200-plus other days of the year—we’ll take advantage of that to do pop-ups and collaborate.”

At multiple levels of the sport, the connection between between baseball and beer has become broader and more unique. In the majors, 2017 has been one of the strongest years yet for this trend, thanks in part of the opening of Terrapin Brewing Co’s brew lab at SunTrust Park–home of the Atlanta Braves–and creative initiatives at ballparks in cities such as Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Washington. With Mikkeller’s plan to set up shop at the ballpark, Citi Field could be home to one of the more interesting developments to come from this trend.

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