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All-Star Game to Showcase Marlins Park Menu

2017 MLB All-Star Game

As the ballpark prepares to host the 2017 All-Star GameMarlins Park is receiving some attention for the unique food items on its menu. 

Tuesday night’s Midsummer Classic will mark the very first Major League Baseball All-Star Game to be played in Miami, and give the Miami Marlins with a chance to show off their home ballpark. One of the amenities that could pique the interest of attendees is the concessions, which feature several food items that reflect the city’s signature cuisines.

Around Marlins Park, there are various menu items that should stand out, including but not limited to a pressed Cuban sandwich with a grilled Nathan’s hot dog, a roasted plantain wrapped in bacon, and a BBQ and macaroni cheese dish served in a Marlins batting helmet.

The goal, according to executive chef Vince Navarrete, is to provide a slate of food choices that give game attendees a strong impression of Miami by creating a connection to the city. More from The Miami Herald:

“We want our guests to have a true representation of what our city is without leaving these walls,” Navarrete said.

“I had the chance to go to last year’s All-Star Game, and they did a great job, but I didn’t see a connection between the city [San Diego] and the venue.

 “Being a child of Miami, I wanted to take my memories and my flavor and what makes us great here and put them within these four walls.”

The All-Star Game will be played on Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. eastern.

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