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Giants Delay Anchor Brewing Project At Mission Rock

Anchor Brewery at AT&T Park

The San Francisco Giants‘ ambitious plans for the 27-acre Mission Rock development next to AT&T Park have changed, and a proposed Anchor Brewing outpost at Pier 48 has been delayed — for now.

The issue with the Pier 48 facility has nothing to do with money or costs, according to the Giants and Anchor officials: they have to do with the cost of constructing earthquake protections on an old pier. Strengthening the pier could cost as much as $25 million — and that’s without any work constructing the brewery itself. Given that cost, the Pier 48 part of the development has been delayed to the tail end of work, as more work is done to make the brewery a more affordable part of the effort. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Pier 48 will be in the later phases of the project,” Fran Weld, the Giants’ vice president of strategy and development, said Wednesday. “At that point in time, Anchor will look at its overall priorities.”…

Both the Giants and their landlord, the Port of San Francisco, say they’re still intent on finding a way for Anchor to be part of a renewed Pier 48.

“We do still see Anchor as a partner in Mission Rock and Pier 48,” said Phil Williamson, the port official in charge of reviewing the 27-acre proposal. “We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into how this might work, and there’s still a hope that it will happen.”

Instead of beginning the Mission Rock development with Pier 48, the Giants will begin work with four housing and office buildings, perhaps as soon as 2019. The original plan was to begin work last year, but big developments take lots of time, and the Giants are expected to seek approval for the site plan before the end of the year.

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