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Al Dorso Purchases New Jersey Jackals

New Jersey Jackals

Ownership of the New Jersey Jackals (independent; Can-Am League) is changing hands, as Al Dorso has purchased the team from Floyd Hall. Dorso is no stranger to the Can-Am League, as he is also the owner of the Sussex County Miners and Skylands Stadium

Originally built in 1994 for affiliated New York-Penn League action, Skylands Stadium has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. Dorso purchased the ballpark in 2013, and has not only invested in the facility and attracted non-gameday events, but brought professional baseball back in the form of the Miners.

The Miners, who are coming off their second season at Skylands Stadium, are looking to build on the momentum from their solid attendance spike in 2016. In taking over the Jackals, Dorso could look to apply some a similar formula when it comes to ballpark operations. Along with taking over the club, Dorso could look to implement upgrades at Yogi Berra Stadium, the Jackals’ home ballpark. More from the New Jersey Herald:

“My sons had interest in the Jackals, so that really was my interest,” Dorso said. “In addition, the stadium is located on a college campus and there’s opportunities for many other events to happen in the stadium. I think we should capitalize on that.”

The lifetime entrepreneur, who runs several businesses out of a Belleville office, said that he knew Hall was interested in taking a step back and floated the idea during a league meeting last October. Although the initial idea fell flat, Dorso said Hall came back to him at the beginning of November and the two sides began to negotiate a deal.

Within the agreement, Dorso acquires the Jackals, while ownership of Yogi Berra Stadium will be transferred to Montclair State University.

“When I get into something, similar to Skylands Stadium, we went up there, spent some money and turned it into a pretty nice facility.” Dorso said. “It’s time. (Yogi Berra) Stadium is 20 years old, similar to the way Skylands Stadium was, and it’s ready for a remake and some things to happen. We’re certainly ready to do that.

Dorso has been working with his sons, Al Jr. and Michael, on the operations of the Jackals. The terms of his purchase have not been disclosed.

Yogi Berra Stadium opened for the Jackals and Montclair State baseball in 1998.

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