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Anthony Iacovone Acquires New Britain Bees

New Britain Bees

Anthony Iacovone, founder and CEO of AdTheorent, has acquired the majority stake in the New Britain Bees (independent; Atlantic League) from Frank Boulton and Michael Pfaff. Both Boulton and Pfaff are expected to remain involved in the club’s operations. 

The announcement was made by Atlantic League president Rick White.

Iacovone is considered a leading voice in the area of mobile advertising, advocating a paradigm in which media channels, brands, and agencies deploy mobile interactivity across traditional advertising as a method to invigorate consumer engagement. Iacovone co-founded and launched AdTheorent in 2011 as the industry’s next generation digital ad platform.

“Anthony Iacovone brings a dynamic personality, a love of the game and far-reaching technology relationships to the Atlantic League,” said Rick White. “He’s a strong addition to our ownership group, and with his vision for how baseball can become more entertaining to fans, we’re going to be more than just baseball.. The Atlantic League is going to be where technology meets tradition and elegantly provides for entirely unique fan experiences.”

In his new role with the Bees, Iacovone looks to continue the Atlantic League’s tradition of innovation while ensuring that the Bees continue to provide affordable, family friendly entertainment and high quality baseball.  Iacovone plans to foster the use of new technology and undertake technology development that can deliver next generation, eye-catching and eye-keeping audience engagement experiences to sports.

“Just like mobile advertising, the way baseball clubs engage with their fans is ripe for innovation,” said Iacovone. “Baseball is a game that is rich in tradition, which is why it’s America’s favorite pastime. Blending the right elements of technology and tradition will enhance the fan experience, increase team and player engagement and most of all, provide even more fun for the spectators.”

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