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Former Dunkin’ Donuts Park Developers Seek $90M in Lawsuit


In an amended complaint against the City of Hartford, former Dunkin’ Donuts Park developers Centerplan Cos. and DoNo, LLC are asking for at least $90 million in damages. 

The pair of developers were involved in the construction of the future home of the Hartford Yard Goats (Class AA; Eastern League) until last June, when the city terminated their contract. That decision came just weeks after it was determined that progress on the project was insufficient for Dunkin’ Donuts Park to open on May 31.

In the latest development in the ongoing legal dispute between the two sides, Centerplan and DoNo are seeking at least $90 million in damages from the city. According to claims made in the complaint, that term derives from $14 million in work that the city had not paid, roughly $40 million that could be lost if the parties are be involved in development surrounding the ballpark, and up to $36 million that Arch Insurance is attempting to recover from Centerplan and CEO Robert Landino.

The complaint was filed on Wednesday in Hartford Superior Court. More from The Hartford Courant:

The amended complaint also alleges that the city asked Centerplan and DoNo Hartford to withhold information about the actual completion date from the public.

The complaint also alleges that the city breached its contract with the developers when it failed to provide proper notice of an intent to terminate and failed to allow Centerplan a period of time to fix the issues that lead to the decision to terminate.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin noted Wednesday that Centerplan claimed last summer that the project was more than 95 percent done, but is now admitting that Arch has had to spend tens of millions of dollars to complete the project.

“This is the latest in a long line of frivolous lawsuits by Centerplan,” he said.

The original lawsuit against the city was filed in July 2016, with the developers claiming wrongful termination. Construction on the ballpark was suspended after the contract was canceled, and did not resume until October, when Whiting-Turner took over after it was selected by Arch Insurance.

The Yard Goats, who played all of 2016 on the road, are expected to open Dunkin’ Donuts Park on April 13.

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