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Auburn to Reconsider Doubledays Management Structure

Auburn Doubledays

The Auburn City Council is set to take a closer look at how the Auburn Doubledays (Short Season A; NY-Penn League) will be run for the upcoming season. 

The Doubledays have been owned for years by the city, which has been undertaking the process of moving the team’s control to a limited liability corporation. Under the framework that was agreed upon by the city council in January, the city-controlled LLC, Auburn Community Baseball, was to have overseen by an eight-person board.

However, city officials are now considering whether to scrap the larger board and have the management controlled by one person, city manager Jeff Dygert, while placing the remaining board members on an advisory committee. This decision is being considered after the city discussed the management structure with New York-Penn League officials. More from The Auburn Citizen:

Over the course of the ownership transition, city officials have said the league has been kept abreast of the decisions. [corporation counsel John] Rossi said Wednesday that the original LLC format was decided through internal city discussions.

The league is now suggesting the reduction to the board’s capacity as “a more efficient and effective way,” Rossi said, for communication between the corporation and the league.

“Many of the decisions that are going to be made are going to impact the city, also. It makes sense to have that consolidated in one person rather than different people that have to confer and make a decision collectively,” Rossi said. He added, “I’m sure (Dygert) is going to rely on many folks that are on that committee.”

The resolution that assigned eight members to the board passed through the Auburn City Council on January 5. The city has included discussion on whether to reduce that number on the agenda for tonight’s city council meeting, which begins at 6:00 p.m.

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