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Postseason Brings Attention to Nationals Park

Washington Nationals

With the Washington Nationals back in the postseason, more attention is turning to Nationals Park and the surrounding area. 

In its fairly short history, Nationals Park has had some memorable moments. Since opening in 2008, Nationals Park has hosted three postseason series–including this year’s National League Division Series, which began with the Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers splitting two games in the District.

Certainly the return of playoff baseball is a welcomed site in DC, but the area around the ballpark is attracting attention of its own. Development of hotels, apartments, entertainment space, and other projects have taken off recently, with many developers viewing the 2018 MLB All-Star Game, which will be played at the ballpark, as an incentive for completing the projects.

Nationals Park opened in 2008 and, given that timing, development did not immediately take off. The change in the economy, combined with the Nationals’ success and the advantages of the ballpark’s location–close proximity to the waterfront and convenient Metro access–have helped reverse that trend. More from The New York Times:

With Nationals Park the anchor for renewal, the Navy Yard is morphing into a gleaming hangout for Washingtonians, with new restaurants, hotels and apartment buildings popping up on nearly every street corner

Just this past season, a hotel rose beyond center field, and fans now watch games from its rooftop. From the stadium, you can see a slice of the Capitol — for now. The view has been compromised by giant cranes and a rising skyline.

By the time the All-Star Game is played here in 2018, the neighborhood is expected to be resplendent with even more businesses. And if the Nationals continue to win, the sport’s popularity will benefit from it. That’s one way to change the sports culture of a town

As we wrote on Thursday, the presence of the Nationals and Nationals Park has contributed to a postseason that is full of standout ballparks.

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