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Blue Rocks Replace Seats at Frawley Stadium

Frawley Stadium Seat Project

The Wilmington Blue Rocks (High A; Carolina League) have made a significant change to Frawley Stadium by installing new, individual stadium seats.

Frawley Stadium first opened in 1993, and has aged well over that time period. However, the Blue Rocks, like many other teams in ballparks that opened in that era, are making an adjustment that refreshes their ticket offerings and meets modern demands.

Throughout the bowl, new dark blue stadium seats have been installed. Where the change will be most evident is down the left and right field lines, where the original aluminum benches have been torn out and replaced by the new seats. The Blue Rocks also tweaked the bowl’s color scheme, going from a royal blue to a darker navy blue.

The Blue Rocks announced late last week that project was complete. It is the most significant upgrade that Frawley Stadium has received since 2001, when general admission seating was relocated from the first base side to the third base side, and new picnic decks were installed down the left and right field lines.

“We feel this project has not only given Frawley Stadium a more modern look, but has also enhanced the comfort of our fans as they watch Blue Rocks baseball,” said the team’s general manager Chris Kemple. “This was a significant upgrade and the type of thing that will maintain the Blue Rocks’ standing as one of the premiere destinations for family fun in the state of Delaware.”

In addition, the old seats have been made available for purchase. The Blue Rocks and Delaware Stadium Corporation have teamed up with Archer Seating to repurpose the seats for retail.

“Knowing our fan base we figured many would want to keep their seats as a memento from the many memories they enjoyed watching the Blue Rocks,” Kemple said. “This seemed to be the best way to offer the opportunity to even sit in those seats again. Plus, repurposing the seats instead of simply throwing them away is far better for the environment.”

The seat project may just be the beginning of the upgrades to Frawley Stadium. As we noted back in December, it is expected to be a part of larger, multi-year renovation to Frawley Stadium that will expand and modernize the ballpark.

Image courtesy of the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

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