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Canseco suing Worcester Tornadoes over unpaid salary

Worcester TornadoesJose Canseco’s return to indy ball may be more profitable than anticipated if he prevails in a lawsuit against the Worcester Tornadoes (independent; Can-Am League) over an unpaid salary, which is causing him severe emotional distress.

Canseco filed the suit today against the Tornadoes and team owner Todd Breighner for “breach of contract, defamation, unjust enrichment, failure to pay wages and misrepresentation,” according to the Worcester Telegram and Gazette:

While the suit, filed by lawyer Michelle Hubbard of Bellingham, does not specifically state the value of Mr. Canseco’s employment agreement with the Tornadoes, a cover sheet accompanying it lists damages totaling more than $360,000.

Mr. Canseco alleges in the suit that checks totaling $7,000 that he received after complaining about the money owed him were issued from bank accounts containing insufficient funds and bounced.

The suit further accuses the team and Mr. Breighner of misappropriating Mr. Canseco’s name and likeness, causing him severe emotional distress through threats and verbal abuse and affecting his professional reputation through false statements.

This isn’t the first lawsuit filed against the Tornadoes this season seeking payment for services; one was settled by the league while another is pending.

It’s been a terrible year for Canseco. The 48-year-old former AL MVP signed a contract with the Tornadoes for this season and played 20 games before the two sides parted ways. After declaring bankruptcy, Canseco then attempted to join the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings (independent; North American League), a move that was blocked by the Tornadoes (though, as of last week, Canseco was holding out hope about joining the team). On the one hand, he’s basically an outcast in affiliated ball because his statements about drug use in the majors; on the flip side, after seeing Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera fail drug tests, maybe Jose isn’t too far out of line.

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