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Conference Board: Montreal can support MLB

Montreal ExposMontreal has the right demographics, corporate presence and economic outlook to support Major League Baseball, according to a report issued today by a leading Canadian think tank.

The study from the Conference Board of Canada, penned by Glen Hodgson and Mario Lefebvre, also indicates economic support for three new NHL teams and another NBA team in Vancouver:

“The conditions for growth are right — the Canadian dollar will likely remain strong and the taxation gap with the U.S. is expected to continue to narrow. This will allow existing franchises to prosper and offer a better chance for new franchises to succeed.”

It’s not the first time the Conference Board has suggested Montreal could support a return of Major League Baseball; last summer the board noted a strong economy and the Canadian dollar close to par made for a baseball-friendly environment. And while there were hints about a Montreal ownership forming last summer, nothing tangible emerged. And with no MLB team looking to move at this time and no expansion on the horizon, we’re not waiting with bated breath for a return of Les Expos.

Still, one can dream of poutine and Blue at a new downtown ballpark.

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