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Rosenblatt Stadium demolition begins today

Rosenblatt Stadium

With the seating removed and the grandstand emptied, the demolition of Rosenblatt Stadium, former home to the College World Series and the Omaha Royals (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League), began today.

We’re talking the serious demolition here: the two freestanding buildings and the grandstand will come down, as well as the outfield bleachers sections. Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium was stripped down last year and was reopened during the College World Series so fans could say one last goodbye to the facility where the NCAA finals grew from a small collection of fans and teams to one of the major sporting events on the continent.

The property is now controlled by the Omaha Zoo Foundation. The plan is to expand the zoo facilities but leave home plate and infield intact as a tribute to the ballpark. 

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