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Ballpark services for the truly lazy: Paying someone to wait in line for you

AT&T Park

Forget about having food delivered to your seats: at AT&T Park you can pay someone to wait in line for you and fetch items so you don’t miss a pitch.

Now, we all know that several MLB and MiLB teams in conjunction with Aramark have implemented or are rolling out ordering service via smartphone, where you enter your seat number and credit-card number and have food delivered directly to your seat (or, in the case of the PCL’s Round Rock Express, have food waiting for you at a stand). 

But the service from Exec is a little different: you can order an Exec worker at the home of the San Francisco Giants to do pretty much everything you want, ranging from waiting in line for concessions to heading to the team shop to pick up a pennant or a foam hand. Granted, there’s not a wide variety of tasks to be done at AT&T Park, and at $25 an hour (with a minimum 45-minute commitment), you’re certainly paying for the privilege of staying in your seat. The service will be a limited run through the next three home series, starting with tonight’s game. As a promotion for start-up Exec, it’s not a bad idea, and chances are pretty good a customer looking for a service to schlep garlic fries may be enticed to use the service for more substantial tasks.


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