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Servers: Yankees stole our tips

New York YankeesServers at Yankee Stadium are suing Legends Hospitality — the ballpark concession firm partly owned by the New York Yankees — over their share of the mandatory service charge slapped onto every items served seatside at the ballpark.

The issue: when you’re served in your seat at Yankee Stadium, Legends slaps a mandatory 20 percent “service charge” on the bill; a $10.50 beer actually sells for $12.60. Technically, it’s not a gratuity: it’s basically Legends charging you $2 extra to have the beer delivered to you.

The servers at the ballpark say they see no chunk of that service charge. They’re paid $35 a day and 6 percent of sales — but since the “service charge” isn’t actually part of the sale, they don’t receive 6 percent of that service change. And, one can come to the conclusion the 20 percent service charge dampens tips somewhat, as many assume it’s a mandatory gratuity. So the servers are suing.

But not, apparently, with the support of their union. In fact, a Legends spokesperson says the compensation is being carried out under the teams of the contract between Legends and Local 153 of the Office and Professional Employees International Union, and union reps were not available for comment.


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