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New ballpark pitched in Malden

Ballpark DigestHere’s a name from the past: Alexander Bok, who pitched a new independent-league ballpark to Boston officials back in 2006, is back with another plan for a privately financed ballpark in Malden, Mass.

The plan from Bok and a set of investors: build a $30-$35-million privately financed ballpark on the edge of Malden Center on industrial land currently owned by National Grid. The ballpark would be designed so it could be covered by a dome during winter months, making it usable 12 months out of the year.

The economics of the plan are a little daunting: we’re not so sure a Can-Am League team is capable of generating the kinds of revenues needed to pay debt on a $35-million privately financed ballpark. And we’re not sure the Atlantic League will be that thrilled with playing as far north as the northern suburb of Boston, though it’s only three hours from Bridgeport to Malden.

This isn’t Bok’s first run at independent ball in Boston: He first proposed building a ballpark in Boston proper back in 2006; he also threw out the idea of converting Nickerson Field back to a baseball facility. Those plans fizzled.

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