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Oakland moves forward on environmental study of A’s ballpark site

Oakland AthleticsThe Oakland City Council is poised to spend $750,000 on an environmental study of a proposed Oakland A’s ballpark site in the city’s downtown Victory Court area, though there’s still no interest from the team in the location.

The city’s City Council Community and Economic Development Agency approved the spending last night, and the full City Council is expected to approve it tonight. The money will be spent with LSA Associates on an environmental-impact study.

Moving ahead with the study despite a total lack of interest in the site from the A’s is a risk, to be sure. Still, the city is moving ahead in a way that could keep the Athletics in Oakland: owner Lew Wolff has repeatedly stated his preference to move the team to San Jose — in territory controlled by the San Francisco Giants — and a committee appointed by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is expected to weigh in on a ballpark site this offseason.

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