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Mets vs. birds: The battle rages on

To combat pigeons taking up residence at Citi Field, the New York Mets are installing a bird-misting system that uses a candy-based repellent.

A new bird-misting system is being installed in Citi Field this spring, as the New York Mets attempt to keep down the number of pigeons taking up occupancy at the ballpark.

The Bird-B-Gone Mist from Bird Doctor Nationwide system distributes methyl anthranilate, a non-toxic liquid repellent approved by the USDA and FDA for repelling birds. This product gives birds an uncomfortable sensation by affecting the birds’ trigeminal nerve found in the beak. The repellent will not harm or kill birds; it simply causes them to avoid the area completely. Methyl anthranilate is non-toxic and advertised as safe to use around humans and animals; it's used in candy as a flavoring (think artificial grape and you'll have an idea of the taste). The system involves a main control unit attached to a series of drop boxes and has the capability of covering 6-8 thousand square feet per box.

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