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How should Tigers remember Harwell?

A debate erupts on how best to remember the legendary Detroit Tigers broadcaster.

For many Detroiters, Ernie Harwell is synonymous with the Detroit Tigers — much to the chagrin of the Tigers at times. 

And many of these Detroiters want to make sure the team remembers Harwell in an appropriate manner. Harwell has been diagnosed with terminal cancer; he's showing the same grace and style in facing his final days as he showed in decades as the voice of the Tigers and, most recently, as an organizer of an effort to save Tiger Stadium.

One idea that's gained some attention is renaming the ballpark after Harwell. We really don't expect to see Harwell Field any time soon; the Comerica money is important to the Tigers, but one suggestion that may have some traction is adopting a name like Harwell Field at Comerica Park.

Still, online movements like this tend to attract attention out of proportion in their actual ability to influence events; slacktivism is a well-documented phenomena in the online world.

The press box at Comerica Park is already named after Harwell: it's the Ernie Harwell Media Center, and there's a statue of the legend in the ballpark as well. A rededication of the facility sometime this season would be a nice touch for both Harwell and the team.

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