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Apple Valley moves forward with planning for new Mavericks ballpark

Apple Valley officials are moving forward with a $35-million ballpark for the High Desert Mavericks, but many crucial details need to be worked out.

Apple Valley, a smallish community east of Victorville, is moving forward with a $35 million plan for a new ballpark for the High Desert Mavericks (High Class A; California League).

The current plan has a new ballpark opening for the 2012 season on 41.6 acres of land on Bear Valley Road in Apple Valley. Though the total cost of the ballpark is currently estimated to be $35 million, officials say they may be able to get that number way down.

Which is good, as the current financing plan — to have a lease with the Mavericks totally pay for the costs of construction — seems slightly absurd, as it would take a pretty monstrous 20-year lease to pay off a $35-million ballpark — or even a $20-million ballpark. We're guessing when Apple Valley officials sit down with the owners of the Mavericks they'll quickly come to the same conclusion.

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