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Nationals lower some ticket prices, keep most the same price

Anticipating a hard 2009, the Washington Nationals dropped prices on some Nationals Park seats and kep the rest at the same levels.

Another sign MLB anticipates a rough 2009: The Washington Nationals today individual ticket prices for the 2009 season, dropping the price The Nationals decreased season ticket prices for 7,500 seats at the ballpark, including 3,400 seats in the lower seating bowl; the average season ticket price for a non-premium ticket will be just under $29.

Fans may purchase tickets at a lower rate in 14 sections of the park, including the Centerfield (CF) Reserved and Lounge (Section 100) and the Scoreboard Pavilion (Sections 237 through 243).

It’s no secret MLB teams anticipate a rough 2009: we covered the topic earlier this month, and nothing has changed.

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