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It’s Miller Park vs. Dudy Noble Field in 2023 college baseball Best of the Ballparks fan vote

It’s Larry Miller Park (BYU) vs. Dudy Noble Field (Mississippi State) in the finals of the 2023 college baseball Best of the Ballparks fan vote. So go vote!

We are not talking top-10 seeds here, but this final matchup does illustrate the parity in college-baseball facilities. Both ballparks received roughly the same number of votes in the Final Four round. So it’s time to vote!

The college ballpark vote is the latest in our Best of the Ballparks fan vote, where you choose your  favorite spring training, college, MLB, MiLB, independent and summer-collegiate ballparks.

How did we arrive at this list of top college ballparks? We began with a much, much longer list of contenders. In recent years we’ve seen colleges up their games when it came to facilities, which makes compiling a list like this to be such a challenge. Some are here because of intense fan popularity in a prior poll, some are here because of great developmental facilities, some are here because we find them architectually interesting and some are here because of historical significance. The rankings are very loose, so please don’t take offense if your favorite ballpark has a low seeding in these brackets or was excluded from the vote. The last time we held a college ballpark poll, we promised if fans showed enough interest in a college-baseball vote (more than 10,000 participants), we’ll bring it back with an expanded 64-ballpark field. And here we are.

Some things to note. First, you are allowed to vote multiple times, but you can only vote once per day. Second, you don’t need to fill out a full slate: partially filled lineups will count. A running tally of the vote will be presented, and you can view the results to date in the brackets graphic at the bottom of this page.

Here is the schedule for all the 2023 Best of the Ballparks fan votes:

  • Grapefruit League, Completed
  • Cactus League, Completed
  • College Baseball, Now-March 27
  • MLB, March 30-April 18
  • Triple-A, April 17-May 7
  • Double-A, May 5-May 27
  • High-A, May 19-June 11
  • MLB Partner Leagues, May 24-June 9
  • Single-A, May 25-June 20
  • MLB Summer Collegiate, June 4-June 21
  • Summer Collegiate, May 29-June 23

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