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Now on sale: My 1961

My 1961Aaron Judge has enjoyed a drama-free environment in his pursuit of the AL home-run record, the opposite of what Roger Maris experienced during his dramatic run–and for $5, My 1961 is yours, to experience all the drama and history of the era.

With 60 homers in the books, barring some extraordinary collapse or horrendous injury, Aaron Judge is on pace to break Roger Maris’s Yankees and American League records for most home runs in a season. Andy Strasberg was there when Maris broke Babe Ruth’s home-run record in 1961.

Judge has operated with virtually little drama this season. For Maris, however, it was a different environment, with fans and many in the baseball world openly rooting against him. Maris faced a lot of opposition and derision in the baseball world for daring to erase one of baseball’s most treasured records, with a MLB commissioner during his best to delegitimize Maris’s accomplishments and a press opening cheering for Maris to fail or, as a consolation, see Mickey Mantle set the record himself.

Despite the obstacles, he prevailed. Andy Strasberg puts a human face on the pursuit, showing how the chase affected Maris, his teammates and the game of baseball, while also telling the poignant story of a young man coming of age in 1961. We’ve temporarily lowered the price of My 1961 to $5; Andy tells a great story that will engross you, and this book makes a fine gift for the Yankees fan in your life. Click here to purchase the book for $5 plus shipping. This is a limited-time sale, ending at the conclusion of the 2022 season.

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