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After marathon session, MLB CBA talks resume today

MLBAfter a marathon negotiating session ending at 3 a.m., talks are set to resume today on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), avoiding for now another delay to the launch of the 2022 regular season.

The talks reportedly yielded some agreements on broad issues, and they ended with players requesting to meet with the MLBPA board to discuss the latest proposal. It’s never seemed like the two sides were as far apart as what was reported in the media–an industry that thrives on conflict, real or not–and during the course of talks it seems like the two sides have made progress. Yes, MLB has a habit of throwing new conditions into the mix–reducing the size of MiLB rosters a great example–and MLBPA has been accused of putting forward some mixed signals at times. But after 17 hours yesterday, the fact that talks have already reconvened this morning is a good sign. From the Washington Post’s Chelsea Janes:

But something was different Tuesday: Until late in the evening, little information about when and where and if the talks were happening had leaked. Until Tuesday night, when the Athletic reported details of an MLB proposal that included the highest CBT thresholds the owners have offered yet, few details of the negotiations had leaked — a far cry from the numbers that seemed to pour out of the negotiating rooms during a long night of talks last week.

The shift was noteworthy because leaked details of offers and the resulting commentary on social media have frustrated those in the room — particularly some on MLB’s side — who felt outside pressure was changing inside outcomes. And when the sides marched toward a deadline like this a week ago in Jupiter, Fla., spokesmen for both sides issued statements by the middle of the day, prematurely blaming the other side for failing to reach a deal by an evening deadline that had not yet arrived. For much of Tuesday, both sides made concerted efforts to keep the details of the negotiations in-house — an indication, perhaps, that progress was being made that neither side wanted to see undone.

How close are they? Here’s one take and another for perspective:

Should be an interesting day.

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