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MLB, player reps set to meet in person Monday

Major League BaseballAfter a Zoom meeting yesterday, MLB management and players association reps are set to meet face-to-face Monday, with reps set to present a counterproposal to the owners’ initial offer for a labor agreement.

Both sides are being quiet about the initial proposal from MLB and the details of the followup Zoom meeting–while there have been some vague reports about fuzzy responses to the first offer, it’s pretty clear there’s no negotiations through the press as of now. The issues raised by owners are set out here.

The two sides are in the process of negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement; when the last one expired on Dec. 1, 2021, MLB locked out players, setting the basis for the next round of negotiations. Here’s how we assessed the issues when the lockout was initiated.

As noted, both sides have been pretty tight-lipped about the initial MLB proposal and we expect that demeanor to continue after Monday. Both sides are under some pressure to make a deal work; while no one expects a quick deal, there will be plenty of pressure from both sides to make progress and avoid any serious delays to spring training and the regular season after two years impacted by COVID. There’s a terrific hunger in the game to return to normalcy.

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