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Your 2021 St. Paul Saints ball pig: Space Ham

Your 2021 St. Paul Saints ball pig: Space Ham, a pig that soared above the competition, as the team sports a porcine presence on the field for the 29th consecutive season.

Here is the pig’s curriculum vitae, per the Saints:

Space Ham comes from a long lineage of incredible athletes. His great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather worked as a stunt double for Porky Pig in the 1996 classic Space Jam. Standing at three foot three, four feet if you count the ears and tail, Space Ham impressed Saints Team Psychologist, Bill Murray, in a recent run in with the Monstars. The two played a pick-up game on Moron Mountain where Space Ham made the game winning steal and bucket after Murray quipped, “I Don’t Play Defense.” Following the incredible finish, Murray urged the Saints to sign Space Ham to a season long agreement that will pay him in vegetables, kale, and all the hot dogs he can eat….

The submission of names were extremely creative and ran from the pandemic, to shows people binge watched during their time at home, and even a Minnesota legend. Whether it was getting the vaccswine with the Muderna shot, getting a little risqué with Piggerton or calling checkmate with the Queens Hambit, going to the moon with Squealon Musk, making sure the balls get delivered by Hamazon Swine or immersing itself into the Minnesota sports landscape with Sid Hartham.

The winning entry was submitted by Chris Lagasse from Maple Grove. 

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