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Twins launch tech accelerator

Minnesota TwinsThe Minnesota Twins have launched a three-year tech accelerator program with Techstars to develop tools to enhance future fan experiences through innovation.

We’ve seen plenty of tech accelerators pop up in the sporting world in the past few years, with the NBA leading the way–the league, the players union and teams like the Indiana Pacers have launched their own accelerators in recent years. In MLB, there have been fewer efforts; way back in 2015 the Los Angeles Dodgers launched their own tech accelerator, but there were no subsequent efforts since then, making the Twins the second MLB team to launch a tech accelerator.

“The Minnesota Twins are striving to innovate on the field and off,” said Joe Pohlad, the club’s Executive Vice President of Brand Strategy and Growth, via press statement. “This new business strategy helps build a platform for us to connect with startups around the globe. The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars will allow us to stay on the cutting edge of technology, while continuing our mission of creating exciting new ways for our fans to interact with the Twins experience.”

According to the team, the Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars “will recruit and support developing companies to become stable, self-sufficient businesses–each producing technology-driven advancement in areas ranging from fan engagement and experiences, to digital media and content, to venue and event innovation, and beyond. While the program will be headquartered in Minneapolis, the Techstars partnership brings global reach in the recruitment, selection and development of the 30 startups chosen to participate over next three years.”

Each participating startup will receive funding, hands-on mentorship from Techstars and the Twins, and access to curated workshops and resources, as well as lifetime access to the Techstars global network. The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars will begin accepting applications on May 10 for its first year of the program, where 10 startups will be chosen for a 13-week program slated to run from November 2021 through February 2022. Interested startups are encouraged to learn more and express their interest here.