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New Hampshire Primaries Returning July 9

New Hampshire Primaries

With next week’s New Hampshire primary around the corner, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Class AA; Eastern League) have announced that they will play as the New Hampshire Primaries on July 9. 

The Primaries experience will celebrate New Hampshire’s proud history of initiating the presidential election process, and turn back the clock to the dawn of Fisher Cats baseball.

In the fall of 2003, Manchester’s new Double-A team was first introduced as the New Hampshire Primaries, before a fan-voted “Name the Team” contest eventually changed the identity to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats leading into the inaugural season.

The Fisher Cats will also play a handful of games as the Mountain Men, which was the third place finisher in the “Name the Team” contest.

“We want to celebrate everything that’s uniquely New Hampshire,” said Fisher Cats President Mike Ramshaw. “From traditions like the primaries to landmarks like the Old Man of the Mountain, there’s a lot to take pride in around the state, and we want to emulate that as a team.”

The red, white, and blue Primaries logo features a baseball bat-wielding donkey and elephant as a nod to America’s two major political parties. The official uniforms will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

As part of the July 9 festivities, Primaries Night will give fans the opportunity to vote on in-game music and on-field entertainment, while honoring the history of New Hampshire’s role in the presidential election.

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