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IL President Mobley Believes in Syracuse Mets Future

Syracuse Mets

International League president Randy Mobley sounds confident in the future of the Syracuse Mets, as recent developments are leaving reason for optimism.

Much has changed surrounding the state of the Syracuse franchise since it was purchased by the New York Mets from the Community Baseball Club of Central New York Inc prior to the 2018 season. The franchise ended its player development contract (PDC) with the Washington Nationals to become a Mets’ affiliate after last season, while also rebranding from the Syracuse Chiefs to the Syracuse Mets.

Increased attendance has been one noticeable difference this season, but other steps have been taken to bolster the future of Triple-A baseball in Syracuse. Most notably, the Mets and Onondaga County agreed to a lease extension that keeps the team at NBT Bank Stadium through the 2043 season, while plans are underway for $25 million in future renovations.

During a visit to NBT Bank Stadium this week, Mobley expressed plenty of optimism about the franchise’s future. He pointed specifically to the lease extension and upcoming renovations, which play crucial parts in the New York Mets’ commitment to Syracuse. More from

“And what the New York Mets have come in and done is they have assured, and with the very significant commitment in the lease extension, they’ve assured that this community is going to have Triple-A baseball for many, many years. You don’t need to look any further than that, in my opinion, to be able to say that it was absolutely the right decision that that board made. They were looking out for the community as opposed to looking out for their own individual board member best interests.”

Onondaga County and the Mets have agreed to a lease that keeps the team here at least through 2043. While any such deal could be broken, Mobley doesn’t see that as even a remote concern in this relationship.

“From day one of this Mets interest and involvement, New York (COO) Jeff Wilpon and the Mets have said nothing other than long-term commitment to Syracuse,” Mobley said. “And I think everything that they have done has backed that up. So I don’t think there should be any concern about this franchise relocating.”

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