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Would You Eat This Cotton Candy Hot Dog?

cotton candy hot dog

We posed this question to our Facebook and Twitter followers last night after the Erie SeaWolves (Class AA; Eastern League) served up a hot dog wrapped in cotton candy this weekend. The consensus: No.

The SeaWolves played with some cotton-candy themed foods as part of a Sugar Rush promo. The centerpiece: a hot dog served in a cotton-camdy bun, topped with Nerds. We asked a simple question: Would you eat this? Here are some of the Facebook comments:

“More like ‘appalling’ to me.”

“Not only no…HECK NO!!”

“Hot Dog abuse”

“I’ve got a stomach ache just from looking at the picture”

“No thank you that’s sounds gross”

Of course, not all the comments were negative, and some fans expressed great interest in downing the sugary delight.

The Twitter response was more muted:

For the record: we’d give it a go.

Another offering from the SeaWolves might have contained even more sugar, but somehow not as offensive: