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Celebrate Father’s Day With Baseball, Football Lingo

The Thesarii

Do we have a deal for you! Father’s Day is approaching. We know you love your Dad. We know you want to make him happy. And we know how you can make your Dad happy, so we’re running a promotion on The Baseball Thesaurus and The Football Thesaurus. Save $10!

Until Father’s Day weekend, you can purchase the pair directly from August Publications in our special Ultimate Sports Lingo Library sale for just $29.95. That’s $10 off the list price!

In the third edition of The Baseball Thesaurus, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler lists the lingo that makes baseball great. Sluggers deposit Ballantine Blasts in the nosebleeds. A lumberjack sits dead red, hoping for number one in his wheelhouse, only to be crossed up by an Uncle Charlie. A pitcher’s mound is divided between the horseshoe and the tabletop.

From Vin Scully’s philosophy on no-hitters to Red Barber’s classic turns of phrase and a definitive listing of broadcasters’ trademark home-run calls. Goldberg-Strassler explains baseball’s colorful terms. Why is a bunt called a bunt and why do pitchers warm up in the bullpen? It’s all here.

In The Football Thesaurus, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler explains what football terms mean and how they came to be. Whether it’s a discussion of how Doug Plank was the inspiration for Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense or why legendary Chicago Bears owner/coach George Halas referred to a football as a cantaloupe, Goldberg-Strassler’s book succeeds both as a football reference and a history of the game.

“Football is the country’s favorite sport, the heartbeat of most every town, community, and metropolis,” Goldberg-Strassler says. “We watch it, we breathe it, and-above all else-we talk it. The Football Thesaurus is filled with all the ways the game is talked, from the casual jargon of the armchair quarterback to the barking cadence of the signal-caller in the shotgun.”

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