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Spikes Release Details on Salute to Conspiracy Theories Night

Spikes Salute to Conspiracy Theories Jerseys

Set for next week, the State College Spikes‘ (Short Season A; NY-Penn League) Salute to Conspiracy Theories Night is one of the more unique promos of this season. In advance of the July 19 event, the Spikes are releasing a few more details. 

Among the information that has been released by the Spikes includes the plan to auction off the specialty jerseys (shown above) that will be worn that night. The jersey auction will be just one part of the elaborate theme night the team has planned; more from the Spikes’ announcement:

Inside sources now say that new ground may be broken on Wednesday night in solving one of the most mysterious disappearances ever. Clues as to the whereabouts of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, who went missing in flight in 1937, may have surfaced in the Spikes’ offices. While TV channels speculate on the mystery, the Spikes will have one of Earhart’s relatives on hand Wednesday to actively participate in the search.

Salute to Conspiracy Theories Night will also fall just one day after the 80th anniversary of the U.S. Navy calling off its search for Earhart in the South Pacific, and one day prior to the 48th anniversary of the date that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin allegedly landed on the moon.

Another breakthrough will take place on Wednesday as infamous skyjacker D.B. Cooper, who went missing in 1971, is now scheduled to deliver the first pitch balls.

The Spikes will also participate in the search for truth on the field by wearing special Conspiracy Theory Themed Jerseys, depicting the so-called “moon landings,” flying saucers, and D.B. Cooper’s backpack. The jerseys will go up for bids in an auction presented by PSECU to benefit Children’s Miracle Network.

Truth-seekers can prepare for Salute to Conspiracy Theories Night as soon as they enter the ballpark by making their own tinfoil hats to guard against mind control.

Plus, Salute to Conspiracy Theories will pack plenty more revealing revelry, including:

– A first pitch from mysterious Mets great Sidd Finch

– Ike the Spike throwing out a first pitch despite his bloody sock

– A tracking chip implanted to track the movements of on-field host Jerry


– Potential sightings of Bigfoot, Elvis, the Notorious B.I.G and the Loch Ness


– The transformation of Ike’s Kids Zone in left field into Area 51 East

– Warning signs posted at all flouridated and non-flouridated water stations

– A special Roswell Saucer Catch Challenge

– The chance for fans to take their own “moon shots” like Neil Armstrong and

Buzz Aldrin at the “moon landing” photo station.

The Spikes are scheduled to host a group calling themselves the “Williamsport Crosscutters” at 7:05 p.m. that night. These so-called “Crosscutters” still claim to be affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies, which may or may not be related to the Philadelphia Experiment.

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