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Red Wings to Play as Plates on August 10

Rochester Plates

As a tribute to local cuisine, the Rochester Red Wings (Class AAA; International League) will become the Rochester Plates on August 10. The name change pays homage to the cuisine most synonymous with Rochester – the garbage plate!

To commemorate the one-night name change, the Plates unveiled a new on-field cap and jersey to be worn on August 10.

“There is nothing more Rochester than the Garbage Plate,” said Plates general manager Dan Mason. “There isn’t another food item that Rochesterians are more proud of or that is more celebrated in our city than the Garbage Plate and we can’t wait to take the field as the Plates!”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Garbage Plate which originated at Nick Tahou Hots just around the corner from Frontier Field.

“When my grandfather opened the business in 1918 they called it ‘Hots and Potatoes’, then in the 80’s we started to get a bunch of college kids who came in and didn’t know what it was, so they would just say ‘Gimme a plate with all that garbage on it’ and the name stuck,” recalled Alex Tahou owner of Nick Tahou Hots.

For those not from Rochester: A Garbage Plate is two burgers (or two hot dogs) served on a bed of mac salad and home fries and topped with meat hot sauce and onions.

Over the years, several local establishments have put their own spin on the Garbage Plate.

Plates merchandise, including on-field, adjustable and flex fit caps, replica jerseys and t-shirts are on sale now at and at the Team Store at Frontier Field.

All fans who purchase Plates merchandise prior to August 10 will receive a coupon for $2 OFF a ticket to the August 10 game. If purchasing online, customers will be sent an email with a promo code for $2 OFF tickets to Plates Night.

Fans are encouraged to share their Plates merchandise on social media using #ROCPlates for a chance to win a Plates Prize Pack which includes four premium tickets to Plates Night, a Plates cap and team-signed Plates jersey.

The on-field caps and jersey were designed by Brandiose. The cap features two cheeseburgers on a bed of golden home fries and creamy mac salad topped with Rochester meat hot sauce, sprinkled with chopped onions and adorned with a mustard ‘R’ all served on a home plate.

With the jersey we went with a throwback layered concept including a layer of home fries, mac salad, cheeseburgers, hot sauce and onions. As Rochesterians know, the only way to eat a plate is with a plastic fork so we included that as well with the word plates drizzled in mustard.

Plates Night will be just that, a tribute and celebration of the Garbage Plate. The in-game promotions will feature a plate-eating contest, a bobbing for burgers promo and everything else Plates!

For one night only, Nick Tahou’s will have their trailer set up on the concourse serving up the original Garbage Plate.

Each of our concession stands will be creating their very own plate. Here’s the rundown:

RED OSIER – Osier Plate: Seasoned baked potato, split and piled with sandwich size Red Osier beef smothered with cheese, hot sauce and diced onion.

BIG RED BBQ – Que Plate: Baked beans and coleslaw with Big Red pulled pork piled on top. Add nacho crumbs, nacho cheese and sliced jalapeño.

HOME PLATE – Home of the Home Plate and the Trash Can!

BATTER UP – Chicken Finger Plate: Home fries and mac salad with three chicken fingers, meat hot sauce and diced onions piled on top.

MAMA MITTSY’S – Plate Calzone: Home fries and pepperoni wrapped in our fresh pizza dough and covered with meat hot sauce.

POP ‘N’ HOTS – Slugger Plate: French fries topped with a ½-pound Zweigle’s hot dog, chili, grated cheddar and diced onion.

BLACK ANGUS GRILL – Philly Plate: Philly cheesesteak atop fries and mac salad. Hot sauce, diced onion and sautéed peppers and onions on top.

SAY CHEESE! – Mac Plate: Mac ‘n cheese with meat hot sauce and diced onions.

ICE CREAM PLUS – Compost Can: A cup of vanilla ice cream layered with brownie and chocolate chip cookie bits and topped with whipped cream and gummy worms.

‘SUP DOG! – Home to the Plate Dog!

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