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River Bandits Debut Double-Decker Carousel

Quad Cities River Bandits

The latest amusement at Modern Woodmen Park is up and running, as the Quad Cities River Bandits (Low A; Sally League) have debuted a new double-decker carousel

Under Main Street Baseball and Dave Heller, the River Bandits have added several rides over the years to Modern Woodmen Park. Now joining a wide variety of amusements that include, but are not limited to, the River Rocker, bumper cars, and a Ferris wheel is the Venetian double-decker carousel.

Late last week, the River Bandits gave the new ride a spin in advance of its opening on Monday. Based on the reaction of those who took some of the first rides on the amusement, the double-decker carousel could become a popular amenity at Modern Woodmen Park. More from

“That was totally awesome!” said one young girl with a toothy grin after getting off the ride. “That was so fun!” one young boy added.

For the carousel’s first rides, Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch joined River Bandits owners Dave Heller and Roby Smith, Bechtel Trusts trustee Richard Bittner and Tara Barney, president/CEO of the Quad Cities Chamber.

“You can see the excitement in the kids faces,” Mayor Klipsch said. “It’s a great ride for all ages and, as the grandfather of 10, I know they can only last an inning and a half. So now there is this great amusement park for them to have fun!”

The ride has been billed as the only one of its kind between Chicago and Kansas City, and is located in the left field concourse at Modern Woodmen Park. As noted, the double-decker carousel had its grand opening on Monday, when Modern Woodmen Park was used for the Red, White and Boom festivities that were staged when the River Bandits were on the road. The River Bandits began a seven-game home stand on Tuesday.

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