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Lubbock Ballpark Proposal Being Studied

Texas League 2016

Backers of a proposed ballpark in Lubbock, TX continue to make their case, and will soon release a feasibility study on the plan. 

Last summer, attorney  David Nelson led a push for Lubbock to include a ballpark funding proposal on its November ballot. The concept called for an increased hotel tax to pay for a new facility, which could be used to lure a Texas League franchise.

That proposal came as the San Antonio Missions were being courted by Amarillo in the event that San Antonio built a new Triple-A ballpark. Ultimately, Lubbock decided against placing the ballpark proposal on its ballot, but the idea of building a facility has not been completely dismissed.

Nelson recently confirmed that a feasibility study on the project, which was commissioned last summer, is expected to be finalized soon. More from

“A very wonderfully experienced group out of Chicago has been putting together this study since August of last year, and I anticipate that within 6 weeks we will have a completion and final draft of that feasibility study,” Nelson said.

The study should show how much revenue would be brought to the city through day trips, hotel reservations and uses for the stadium that would be built.

“I estimate that I think the feasibility study will show is that $531 million dollars in new money that will be spent in Lubbock if we get a professional baseball team, and in addition to that there will be 220 new permanent jobs,” Nelson said.

Nelson said that the study could be available in roughly six weeks. Late last month, Amarillo officials indicated that they are continuing to discuss the possibility of a minor league team at a proposed downtown ballpark.

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