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Jim Perry Stadium Preps for Astros Arrival

Buies Creek Astros

With the Buies Creek Astros (High A; Carolina League) set to arrive in April, Jim Perry Stadium is undergoing a series of upgrades. 

Jim Perry Stadium is primarily used as the home of Campbell University‘s baseball program. While its rendezvous with professional baseball is slated to be short lived–the Astros are planning to play there for the 2017 and 2018 seasons while awaiting a new ballpark in Fayetteville–the facility is still undergoing some upgrades.

Hosting Minor League Baseball action comes with a different set of standards. Not only are the player amenities are going to receive more use, but they will have to satisfy the needs of the Astros. Additionally, the ballpark seats just over 600 spectators for college action, and will require more space over the coming years.

As a result, upgrades are in full swing at Jim Perry Stadium, with several amenities set to be installed for the coming season. More from the Fayetteville Observer:

Part of the two-year deal with the Astros is the installation of a synthetic turf field. It’s an essential switch from the traditional grass surface since Campbell has 30 home games on its schedule along with daily practices and the Astros have more than 60 home games. The field will be used almost daily from February through early September. Work began on the field Dec. 5.

After the Astros’ planned move from Buies Creek to Fayetteville for the 2019 season, Campbell will be left with a superb playing surface.

Even before the agreement with the Astros, renovations were well underway at Perry Stadium. When the Camels open Feb. 17 against Northern Kentucky, seating capacity will be more than 1,000, including the addition of about 200 chair back seats, the baseball staff will have new offices and there will be a new locker room and in-ground dugouts. There also will be a viewing deck.

The Astros will be one of two new clubs in the Carolina League, as the team is joining the circuit with the Down East Wood Ducks as a result of a Carolina League/California League realignment at the High-A level.

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