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More Properties Discussed for Berlin Place

South Bend Cubs

As he plans Berlin Place, South Bend Cubs (Low A; Midwest League) owner Andrew Berlin is reportedly considering acquiring two more properties outside of Four Winds Field

Berlin Place is a $21 million project that will bring mixed-use development to the area outside of Four Winds Field, including 120 apartment units and 10,000 square feet of retail. The South Bend Redevelopment Comission approved some key components of the plan last month, and that is now affecting additional land around the ballpark.

Two properties owned by the City of South Bend could be redeveloped, if Berlin obtains an option on the parcels. The locations–the former Michiana Lock and Key site and the one-time site of the Studebaker National Museum–are currently vacant, though the museum site is currently used for parking during Cubs’ games.

The option has not been finalized but, if agreed upon, would give Berlin more flexibility. More from the South Bend Tribune:

The option would expire on March 31, 2018. Berlin could extend it for one year for $5,000 or for two years for $10,000. The option price would be $1, but only if Berlin submits a plan to redevelop the property.

No such plan exists at the moment, said Brian Pawlowski, acting executive director of Community Investment for the city.

But the option gives Berlin a degree of control over the future of the property, redevelopment of which would impact Berlin Place.

“It’s basically trying to building on the success of Berlin Place,” Pawlowski said. “It makes sense for the same vision of development to govern the rest of that space.”

In a story yesterday covering the San Francisco Giants’ proposed Mission Rock Development, it was noted how teams can gain advantages when it comes to developing the areas surrounding the ballpark. That standard could be applied to the minors as well, and it looks like the Cubs are planning ahead in the event that Berlin Place is a success.

Berlin Place is currently expected to open in 2018.

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