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Delaware Stadium Corp., Blue Rocks Extend Frawley Stadium Lease

Wilmington Blue RocksThe Delaware Stadium Corporation and the Wilmington Blue Rocks (High A; Carolina League) have extended the Frawley Stadium lease for an additional five years, giving both sides time to negotiate more upgrades.

In accordance with this new deal, the Blue Rocks will also have the option of three two-year extensions.  The twenty-three-year-old ballpark has benefited from recent investments from the State, including repairing structural issues and new seats for the facility.  The lease agreement also contemplates potential new advertising revenue streams to help fund further improvements to the facility.

These are critical developments according to Blue Rocks co-owners Dave Heller, CEO of Main Street Baseball, LLC, and managing partner of the Blue Rocks, and Clark Minker, President of the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

“This agreement represents a great, ongoing partnership between the team, the Delaware Stadium Corporation and the State,” Heller said. “Our goal is to continue improving the ballpark and to ensure that minor league baseball at Frawley Stadium remains competitive for years to come. The Blue Rocks and Wilmington are perfect together.”

According to Tom McGonigle, Chair of the Board for the Delaware Stadium Corporation, “Our lease with the Blue Rocks was due to expire next year and it was important to secure minor league baseball in Wilmington,  at least for the next five years.  To that end, the support from the General Assembly and the Governor to fund some of the much needed renovations has been critical and we are partnering with the Blue Rocks to secure additional revenue to further improve Frawley Stadium.”

“Dave and I are excited to see the planned improvements come to life, thanks in large part to a terrific working relationship with Tom McGonigle, the DSC and our State and Local representatives,” Clark Minker said.  “We are dedicated to making our fan experience the best in minor League Baseball.  Stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come….”

Frawley Stadium was built over the course of one winter by Matt Minker and the Minker Construction Company in late 1992 and early 1993. Minker was the father of current team president Clark Minker.

“Ultimately, our hope as an organization is to completely reshape and transform Frawley Stadium,” Heller said. “This new lease makes progress toward that goal and we are excited about taking the next steps down that path.”

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