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Hartford Ballpark Uninsurable After Developer Booted

Dunkin' Donuts Park

Your latest drama from Connecticut: Dunkin’ Donuts Park is now uninsurable after the city of Hartford terminated a construction contract with developer DoNo Hartford LLC and Centerplan Cos. last week.

City officials report that the ballpark’s insurance plan, which provided coverage for the property and its contents, was terminated when the contract with DoNo Hartford LLC and Centerplan Cos. was terminated, per the Hartford Courant:

“The bottom line is the city’s investment in that stadium is not insured for property and contents,” said Craig S. Trujillo, the city’s deputy chief auditor. “There is no insurance on that property for perils, like windstorms, like fires.”

Trujillo told the city’s internal audit commission that the city’s insurance policy covering property losses during construction at Dunkin’ Donuts Park ended with the developer’s termination. And since then, the city has been unable to get the stadium covered for such losses — including by the insurer that covers other city-owned buildings, Trujillo said.

Typically, such construction policies end when building is complete, Trujillo said, but halting the project before it was finished had a similar effect. When a public building project is completed, the city then seeks a permanent policy to cover property damage.

Trujillo said he was told earlier Wednesday by the city’s risk manager that the coverage was no longer in force. The city also did not start to make other arrangements for property insurance until after the contract was terminated, Trujillo said.

There doesn’t appear to be any sort of solution in place, past praying there are no incidents at the future home of the Hartford Yard Goats (Class AA; Eastern League) before it is finished. (Insert your own comment about the irony about the city not being able to acquire an insurance plan in a city that is traditionally the insurance capital of the United States.) This just adds another layer of complexities as the city grapples with the issue of how to finish construction of the $63-million facility. Yard Goats ownership has discussed the possibility of playing there this season; given all the bad news in recent months, it may be best to wait for a proper 2017 opening and plan for a grand debut.

Ballpark shot from May 3 courtesy Hartford Yard Goats.

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