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SB Cubs set another attendance record

South Bend CubsTwo attendance records in 10 days comprises a pretty good start to the South Bend Cubs (Low Class A; Midwest League) tenure as a new Chicago Cubs farm team, with another attendance mark set today.

The team broke the old attendance record on Opening Day, April 9, when 7,086 fans saw the first game as a Cubs affiliate. That record was broken today, as a franchise record of 7,575 fans packed Four Winds Field to see the SB Cubs host the Great Lakes Loons.

“It’s April,” said SB Cubs President Joe Hart. “This gives me, the team and the staff goosebumps. To see this kind of fan support so early in the season tells you what kind of pent-up Cubs loyalty this region has. It’s going to be a phenomenal year.”

“It’s a great feeling to know that we’ve given both the Cubs what they wanted in terms of a good home for their players, and the fans in Michiana what they wanted — a relationship with the Chicago Cubs,” said team owner Andrew Berlin. “To set a record is one thing. But to do it in April? Joe is right. This is going to be a remarkable season in the history of the franchise.”

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