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Could new Braves ballpark be derailed by lawsuit?

Atlanta BravesTea Party opponents of a new Atlanta Braves ballpark in suburban Cobb County are searching for a legal reason to oppose the project — but the clock is ticking.

The issue: the way the Braves introduced the new ballpark — just two weeks before a county vote on the project — didn’t give opponents much time to rally, much less formulate a coherent strategy to oppose the project. We all know any public spending on a sports facility brings forth critics of two types: those who oppose any public spending and those who want to make sure the public gets the best deal possible. And we’re guessing the Tea Party Patriots are among the former group.

That’s OK: despite the fact the Braves are paying for more than two-thirds of the cost of the ballpark and development, we’re still talking about $300 million coming from taxpayers. And while some spoke out against the project, there doesn’t seem to be any organized opposition. Still, the local Tea Party is mulling a lawsuit — any lawsuit, as reported by WSB Radio:

In truth, opponents to the $672 million, public-private stadium deal are shopping for a lawsuit at the last minute, hoping to hit one of the park by getting a judge to delay the case. That word from WSB legal analyst Ron Carlson.

“Any such legal action would take the form of a request for an injunction to restrain the vote on the Braves move,” Carlson explained. Currently the Cobb Board of Commissioners is slated to vote on a memo of understanding between the County and the Braves at its Tuesday evening meeting.

Does such a suit have any chance of winning?

“Well, that would be a longshot,” Carlson predicted.

Usually judges like to see something more….evolved in their courtrooms when it comes to legal filings. We’ll see if a lawsuit does indeed appear today or tomorrow.

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