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Ballparks we have seen from high

Forbes Field

Apropos of absolutely nothing save the near end of the baseball season, The New York Times posted a slideshow of old ballparks as seen from aerial shots. Enjoy.

You can see the slideshow from here. Pictured above: Forbes Field.

From the article:

But from up high, way up high, a different kind of stadium can be seen, one that exhibits beauty in geometry. It starts from its heart, always a diamond-shaped one, enclosed by an open bowl of seats, and then the parking. Parking like you can’t even imagine today. Thousands of lanes, spinning away from the building in crop-circle like patterns. Parking for as far as the eye can see, making it all but assured that a fan’s car would be lost in the masses.

In a series of photos from the Times photography archive we take a bird’s-eye tour of our nation’s baseball stadiums, from the Dodgers’ original home in Brooklyn, rest in peace, to its new one in Los Angeles.

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