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Mobley: Chiefs financial situation “needs a little attention”

Syracuse ChiefsInternational League President Randy Mobley is working with the Syracuse Chiefs board of directors to address financial issues faced by the team, which includes a half-million-dollar loss this past season.

The Chiefs board met Tuesday to review the books — which included the aforementioned $505,146 loss — and to discuss ways to attract more revenue to NBT Bank Stadium. It’s already been a rough offseason for the Chiefs: after an onslaught of local media criticism of the team and the way it operates, Tex Simone stepped down as the team’s COO/EVP, leaving a hole in the front office — a situation also addressed by the Community Baseball Club of Central New York board of directors on Tuesday.

The reaction was to set forward two potential game plans, with one to be chosen at a latest date. Mobley has been appraised of the situation and the potential solutions. From

Mobley wouldn’t specifically characterize Syracuse’s loss compared to other IL teams that have suffered big financial hits.

He did say, however, “this is not the norm” in terms of league teams that have run in the red. Mobley also said he isn’t concerned that Syracuse might someday lose the Chiefs.

“I’m not going to say I’m worried,” he said. “Does it need attention? I would say everybody who is even a little informed would say it needs a little attention.”

A solution could be reached as soon as tomorrow.

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